This story is a work of fanfiction. As such, it owes a great debt to the creators of the characters used herein: Rumiko Takahashi and Tite Kubo.

An Unsuitable Person

This is a Ranma-Bleach fusion fanfic. It is also hosted at, so if you want to comment, go right there. But remember: the FFnet inflicts heavy formatting losses on the posted chapters. I recommend to read it here.

A/N: Bleach is more or less a framework here, the events are loosely following the manga except it's Nerima, not Karakura. I'm more interested in how characters of Ranma 1/2 would react to the same situations and what a difference their actions will bring in the end.

AN #2: I pretend the anime doesn't exist, as the manga is the only non-diluted original. Thus, the hair color is completely different from what the anime tells (onna-Ranma's and Hinako-sensei's are glossy-black, for example), there are no such things as the Bound, and so on. I may have incidentally mixed in some anime elements, though.

AN #3: The main problem is our heroine has too much in common with Ichigo. If I had her have Zangetsu, this story would come out as just another Bleach, only with the different people. And I hate things boring and non-creative.

Chapter (Where we see one (bitter-)sweet girl on the collision course with the mantle several sizes too big for her.)

Chapter (Where our heroine finds herself in for the unpleasant revelation.)

Chapter (Where nothing prominent happens but the cards are laid upon the table.)

Chapter (Where only the "youkai-baba" has any fun.)

Chapter (Where a holy anti-pervert war is waged.)

Chapter (Where the three fiancèes gather their wits.)

Chapter (Where is enough things both glorious and creepy.)

Chapter (Where the fate tests the stuff the Tendou sisters are made of.)

Chapter (Where many people are left confused.)


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