This story is a work of fanfiction. As such, it owes a great debt to the creators of the characters used herein: Rumiko Takahashi, creator of Ranma, and Kunihiku Ikuhara who created Sailor Moon from the work of Naoko Takeuchi.

Your Destiny Is Annulled

A thriller. Their fate gets derailed hard, rules shattered. What seems a harrowing confrontation at first, quickly becomes a confusing mess. Watch Ranma and the girls on a deadly, unpredictable adventure through an Original multiverse as they struggle to understand what had really happened.

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The images are made in an online generator by Doll Divine and Drachea Rannak, then retouched. To be replaced with an original art when possible.

Arc One, No-holds-barred Clash
Chapter 1 We came so far, hand in hand
Chapter 2 Mercury vs Abomination
Chapter 3 Pluto's Last Stand
Chapter 4 It's not even my Final Form!
Chapter 5 Defeat the Undefeatable
Chapter 6 More Questions than Answers
Chapter 7 Irresistible Force
Arc Two, Dive into the Unknown
Chapter 8 Up the Creek without a Paddle
Chapter 9 Sick of Fanservice
Chapter 10 Stuck!
Chapter 11 Dead Zone
Chapter 12 The Charm of Natural Wilderness
Chapter 13 A Deadly Hope
Chapter 14 The Senshi and the Grim Darkness of the Russian 90s
Chapter 15 Pink Horror
Chapter 16 Human BBQ
Chapter 17 Forest of No Return
Chapter 18 Rash Decisions
Arc Three, Onward, over the Event Horizon
Chapter 19 Blindly through Darkness
Chapter 20 Mutual Benefits
Chapter 21 Industrial Dungeon Crawl
Chapter 22 Pernicious Influence of Hollywood
Chapter 23 In Your Face, Downer Ending!
Chapter 24 Things The Heroes Weren’t Meant to Know
Chapter 25 Swimming Lessons

This fanfic is kind of a sequel to a fic that does not exist. Thhat non-existent prequel would follow the general outline of Fire's “Sailor Ranko” but much more canon-compliant.

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